Ms. Bikini Philippines: Absolutely Gorgeous Filipinas!

OK, I've already posted a couple of "live" videos of cute Filipinas in bikini competitions, but the one I'm showing today is my absolute favorite thus far! I have a couple of favorites on this video, the girl in pink at 3:40 and the stunner in yellow at 3:52.  Listen, I put a lot of hard work into screening these videos for you guys, so I hope you again appreciate the sacrifice I'm making. I think this video is also more interesting because it has a lot of photo shoots before the actual competition which wasn't shown, but who cares who won? I think they all were winners. If you like gorgeous, cute Filipinas, then this video is for you. Actually this video of bikini-clad Filipina beauties is tastefully done, but don't let that stop you from checking it out! By the way, if you've never visited the Philippines before and think the cute Filipinas shown are not typical of most Filipinas, brother, let me tell you, the 7, 107 islands of the Philippines are full of these beauties!sam @ bali bali resort