Filipina Bold Movie Star Ara Mina

Ara Mina, a sexy Filipina beauty, and a star of many “bold” (adult or soft porn) movies made in the Philippines is our featured video of the today. In fact, I have decided to post two videos of the well-endowed pretty Pinay, which she is well deserving of. I am not posting any clips from her “bold” movies, but I don’t think you will be too disappointed in the videos I am presenting today from YouTube.


Ara Mina, aka Hazel Pascual Reyes in real life, was born on May 9, 1979 in Manila. She started as a teen sensation in “That’s Entertainment” on GMA and later went to work at ABS-CBN and did many television shows in the Philippines. When sexy bold films came into the scene, Ara ventured into it and made some sexy films herself. She  became one of the hottest bold symbols in  Philippine movies.

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Aside from making movies and appearing in TV and modeling, Ara also ventured into politics in the 2010  where Ara Mina ran for the council of Quezon City but lost. After viewing the following stunning Ara Mina videos you have to wonder what in the world was wrong with those voters in Quezon City. 

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23 Comments on Filipina Bold Movie Star Ara Mina

  1. Not bad Dave…..she must be near over 40 now?, but still looking good.I do not think any body would ask her to sleep out side if she came over to spend the evening.

  2. Ralph in Iraq // 03/18/2011 at 2:26 am //

    She has my vote

  3. My Filipina-Canadian girlfriend (at the time) and I were visiting a resort in Cebu and she pointed out an attractive woman sunbathing in a bikini (under an umbrella of course). She said that the woman was a celebrity but I didn’t think much of it at the time, until after we left the resort when she said that the woman was an adult film star. Is it just my experience or do many Filipinas often leave out important details and not reveal them until much later?

  4. It has been my experience, Lance, that after 11 years of marriage to my wonderful Filipina wife, that important details are many, many, many times left out and not revealed until much later. The fact that the celebrity was also an adult film star would have been something your Canadian or American male friends would have pointed out IMMEDIATELY.

    • Probably most Canadian or American female (not just male) friends would have also pointed it out immediately.

      • You’re right, Lance.

        • I wonder why that is?

          • Sorry, I’ve lost track, Lance. Wonder why what is? I’m 59 years old, sorry.

          • Hi Dave, I’m just following the thread. I wonder why it is that most Canadian or American women would point out immediately that the celebrity in the bikini we saw at the Cebu resort was an adult film star, but that most Filipinas would wait until it is too late to mention it.

            • Oh, OK, Lance. I lost the thread. Well, I have absolutely NO idea why this seems to be a strictly Filipina trait, in my humble opinion, and after 11 years of marriage to a Filipina I still am clueless.

          • Well, if I am lucky enough to get married to a lovely Filipina for 11 years, I will let you know at that time if I can figure it out.

  5. Hey There Dave,
    Thanks for the above, im a filipina,female..i went to singapore last time w/a friend and her bf.we took singapore the immigration at singapore they denied our entry instead send us back with no reason.they took us pic and fingerprints,and they gave us a paper saying that we have ineligible pass to enter singapore.i want to know if theres a site to know if were banned or not.if we r,how long?me and my friend worked in singapore with permit 2 months ago,when we tried to get back as tourist for a couple of weeks they denied our entry.after we finish our contract we had the chop at the last page of the passport(which evrybody says a sign that were banned),,,…the last time we were there for work we had a the departure chop at the very last page of our passport and last time wehn we got denied entry the chop was WPSP in bold letters inside a rectangle box,anybody knows what this means?if we were banned what is the chop for banned individuals?anybody who knows the answer to my question pls enlighten me,’ll be so much appreciated..!tnx!!
    I look forward to your next post

    • Sounds like you have been trying to get this WPSP issue resolved for awhile, drtuber. Saw your exact same query posted on Yahoo Answers a year ago.

      My filipina wife worked in Singapore for several years in the 90’s (before we were married.) She always had a working visa and never had any problems. She has no idea what the WPSP on the passport chop (stamp) means. If anyone reading this has any additional insight on what this means, please leave a remark. Thanks.

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