Women in Philippines Rank Sex Life #18 Out of 19! The Men Rank Sex Life #1!

Women in Philippines Rank Sex Life #18 Out of 19! The Men Rank Sex Life #1!

The National Statistical Coordination Board of the Philippines obviously has as much free time on their hands as I do. Ran across a news article and the NSCB's website which revealed a recent poll that asked Filipinos to measure happiness. No, I'm not making this up. Millions of poor people in the Philippines going to bed hungry every night, but the Philippine government has the funds to conduct such a survey. If I didn't know better I'd swear I was back in the United States.


Both women and men overall ranked Family, Health, and Religion numbers 1, 2, and 3 respectively. My headline indicates men ranked their sex life number one (that is according to Table Six of the website's survey.) That figure was for “poor” men in the Philippines, not my tag, that's what the government website states. I guess it could have been more politically correct to say “lower income” or “financially-challenged males”, but if you read some of my other blogs you know what I think about being “politically correct.”

Actually, poor women ranked their sex life much higher at #7 than the one segment of Filipinas that only ranked it #18. My theory is that if you are poor you don't have access to cable TV (my mother-in-law and father-in-law didn't even have electricity, let alone television, and had ten kids. Guess you have to do something to entertain yourself.) I am not about to ask my Filipina wife what her answers would be in this survey, but I know without asking that family would be number one. But don't ask me for my answers. I'm not Filipino, and as an American, I'm pleading the Fifth Amendment!

5 thoughts on “Women in Philippines Rank Sex Life #18 Out of 19! The Men Rank Sex Life #1!

  1. Looks like for my own enjoyment and benifit……….Buying a tv will be the last thing on my to do list…….when I move to Philippines………..I need all the help I can get…….In the sex department….

    • Hi Ralph! Good to see you at the new website! Well, you know you will have to fight off all the cute Filipinas that will be chasing after a good looking guy like you, right?

  2. I  do belive that if you ask any american man at the age over 50 would say that haveing sex is very importent in there lives. It seems that we just have to still prove that they can still get the job done. Also we should be better listeners to are partners by than, because we need to still beable to keep in touch with the oppisite sex.Were begainning a new chapter in our lives, so were willing to settel down and injoy our lives and not worrie about the job, the house, and the kids ect….JC

    • Some very good points, JC. As a man nearing the age of 60, I agree with you. I hope I am a better listener, and it’s great not having to worry about the job and any house payments now. Thanks for your comment.

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