New Super Walmart of the Philippines Opens in Iloilo City!

I was ecstatic to hear that SM had just opened a new Hypermarket in Iloilo. SM (which stands for "Shoe Mart" and NOT  "sado masochism", which first popped into my twisted brain  when I spied my first big "SM" logo over ten years ago on a store in Manila. I tried explaining the term to my new Filipina bride of just a few days, but she had absolutely NO idea what I was talking about. I wisely let the subject drop.)  These chain of stores are the most popular department stores in the Philippines, and are the "Walmart" of this part of Southeast Asia. A faithful reader and commentator of "Lizard Poop!", Kaltehitze, informed me of this new SM Hypermarket, a grocery store and department store combined under one roof with ONE central check opening


I excitedly told the news to my wife, Melinda, and she informed me that she already knew! Our brother-in-law Joery had told my wife about the new Hypermarket a few days ago.  I cannot  even begin to recall how many times I have given her the latest newsflash, and her reply is: "I already knew that."  My standard retort is "Why didn't you tell me?"

We will be checking out the new store in Iloilo this week. It is the first SM Hypermarket outside of Luzon, making it the first to open in the Visayas (we live in Western Visayas)  and Mindanao regions. The new branch was converted from the now defunct SM brand named "Makro" and boasts a larger produce area and deli department than the one in SM City.  I'm anxious to check out the deli department (my feelings on the larger produce section  are just lukewarm;  I am sure my wife will be more thrilled about that.) 

I will be reporting back in future posts to our visit to this new shopping  mecca in Iloilo. As I was sharing with Kaltehitze the other day, I was getting bored with always going to SM City. In the SM Department Store, you have to go to a different checkout for each department, and I am  weary of  doing that. There's only so much of the "Happy to Serve" treatment I can endure.  I can only take so much of smiling sales clerks continually chirping "Good morning, sir!" (Ok, ok, if cute Filipinas are doing the chirping, I really don't mind that much.) 
I look forward to the new Hypermarket where I can load up my shopping cart like I could at a Walmart back in the States, and go to one centralized checkout area. Thanks again, to Kaltehitze for the tip, and if any of you other readers have any information about Iloilo that you think I might want to know, please tell me. It's a given my wife is not going to.