Manila, Cebu, or Iloilo City. X-Ray Costs of Living in the Philippines

Whether you live in Manila, Cebu, or near Iloilo City (a 15 minute pump boat ride from Guimaras where I live), going to the dentist in the Philippines, or anywhere else for that matter, is never a pleasant experience. I had a throbbing toothache one day, and knew that downing a few San Miguels wasn't going to erase the pain.

I did a quick online search and found a lady dentist, Dr. Ramirez, located at Iloilo Doctor's Hospital, that was supposed to be reliable. There are different dentist offices in Guimaras, but I felt more comfortable visiting a doctor which had some positive feedback that I felt I could trust.

The dentist at Iloilo Doctor's Hospital, Dr. Ramirez, informed me that I had a sinus infection that was causing my toothache.  I was quite surprised to hear that.  Her dental assistant took me to the third floor where a EENT (Eye, Ears, Nose, and Throat) doctor was located and informed the cute receptionist, Buen,  that I needed to see the doctor. No appointment necessary.  I just filled out some paperwork and sat in the waiting area. After about two hours later, I was led in to see the doctor.

My physician, Robert Martin B. Barredo,  located at Suite 316 of the Iloilo Medical Arts Condominium at Iloilo Doctor's Hospital,  said I probably had a sinus infection. He gave me some paperwork to get an x-ray done. It was called a "Water's View" x-ray. Never heard of that type of x-ray.  Told me to come back in the afternoon at three. His office closed from noon to three. It was almost twelve, and I paid my doctor's bill, about five USD. The receptionist, Buen, informed me that the dentist's secretary was looking for me. Probably to pay their bill. They didn't give me a chance to settle my charges with them before I was escorted to Dr.Barredo.

Went to Dr. Ramirez's office, but they were already closed for lunch so I went to get my '"Water's View" x-ray.  The x-ray department sent me to the cashier's office to pay for the x-ray first, which cost all of six dollars (USD.) Got my "Water View" (which fortunately did not involve sticking my head underwater),  was given a copy of it several minutes later, and then took a taxi to SM City to eat lunch and kill some time. One of my favorite things about living in the Philippines is visiting the many SM Malls, and SM City in Iloilo is one of my favorites.

Came back to the hospital and paid my dentist's bill, two dental x-rays  and an office visit, for a total of 16 USD. Went up to the doctor's office with x-ray in hand. The doctor came in from lunch, and told me to come with him to the exam room. Yes, I had a sinus infection. He gave me a prescription for pain killers, nasal spray, and antibiotics.

I liked Dr. Barredo and definitely would go back to him again for any future problems in his specialties. I do not know what the cost of an office visit in Manila or Cebu would be, but in the smaller metropolitan area of Iloilo City, I felt the cost of the dentist and doctor's visit and x-ray's to be extremely reasonable. Plus, I didn't have to waste any San Miguels on getting rid of a toothache!

The meds at the local Watson Drug Stores cost around 40 USD. Bought a bottle of tubig (water) and gulped down some of the pain killers. Took the pump boat ride back to my home  in Guimaras.  Felt better the next day, and a couple of days later most of the pain was gone. Plus,  I had found a good dentist and EENT specialist, and I didn't have to travel to Manila or Cebu. Found some great doctors right in Iloilo City. And it's an adventure living in the Philippines, even went going to the dentist!

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