I Don’t Need a Vehicle in the Philippines!

I Don't Need a Vehicle in the Philippines! Well, at least not in Guimaras, the rural province in the Philippines that I live in with my  beautiful Filipina wife. Transportation costs are so cheap that at this point it makes no sense to have a car/vehicle payment or maintenance, gasoline, and vehicle insurance costs.DSC
Jeepneys and tricycles  are the main modes of transportation on our tropical paradise for the majority of residents in Guimaras. When we need to travel via pump boat to take the 15 minute ride to Iloilo City the cost for that is only 13 pesos each. (I have installed a currency converter widget if you would like to check what the Philippine Peso rate is for some countries.)
For only 12 pesos one can take the 20 minute jeepney ride from San Miguel, where we reside in Guimaras, to the Jordan wharf where the pump boats are located to reach Iloilo. Our local tricycles cost 10 pesos each for a ride in San Miguel and seven pesos each if you have three or more passengers.
I have never encountered any problems in almost a year of riding jeepneys, tricycles, or pump boats in Guimaras. Our local jeepney loading station is only about a five minute walk from our home, and the jeepney dispatcher who is responsible for loading each jeepney is a very friendly older gentlemen that calls me "brother." He often directs me to the front seat by the driver if it is unoccupied. Just be prepared to leave yourself plenty of time in case you have to be somewhere at a certain time.
The jeepney will not leave our loading station until it is full. Sometimes you can be the last passenger and depart right away, or sometimes the first and then wait for more riders. But our jeepneys usually fill up rather quickly in the morning and perhaps 10 or 15 minutes is the longest I have had to wait until we leave for our destination.
However, all in all, using the transportation services available in Guimaras are usually quite pleasant if you don't mind riding a packed jeepney or pump boat. But that just adds to the adventure of living in the Philippines.

4 thoughts on “I Don’t Need a Vehicle in the Philippines!

  1. The real time currency converter – BRILLIANT !!!!!! Now I can read your blog and get the current exchange rate without googling currency converter all the time.

    Houston, Texas

  2. That's what my dad says about the Philippines. You don't have to worry about getting places. You have so many options – from pedicabs, tricycles and jeepneys to cabs (FX included), "colorum" shuttle services, buses and monorail trains (at least in Metro Manila). Personally, I prefer good bus and train systems that run on schedule, but that doesn't sound very characteristic of the Filipino way, lol

  3. Your Dad is so right, Spinninglovelydays! I just love to ride the various modes of transportation here, and as long as you are not in a hurry and not on a tight schedule, it works pretty well.

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