New Look at “The Compound” in Guimaras

"The Compound", in beautiful San Miguel, Jordan,  Guimaras province, Philippines,  is finally getting a fresh  outside coat of paint. I have posted the obligatory "before" and "after" pictures. And yes, we go for the bright and gaudy colors! Mensha Yellow with Song of Green accents.
Old Compound Look
The Sainted Patient Wife and our brother-in-law, Joery, are finishing Phase One today. Took three gallons of white latex  paint plus one and-one-half liters of yellow for the main color. Another four liters of green for the trim work. Phase One involves painting half of the outside of our house, the front and the new Comfort Room side that faces our dusty, cow poop-filled subdivision road. Approximate cost for the paint in US currency was $48 dollars.
Joery cost us around an extra three bucks because he thought it was OK to mix water with paint to thin it out. It produced a different shade of green that was already painted. When SPW told me this, I just walked away. Joery offered to pay for a new liter and even though we pay him top wages of just a little over five dollars a day,  I advised Joery that I would cover the cost.  Phase Two, which will commence next month, will involve painting the other half of "The Compound" plus the front porch.


Things are picking up financially for us as SPW has started selling small bags of ice for about five cents a pop (for you Filipino insiders out there, the plastic bags are the same size as the sari sari stores put drinks in.)  She raked in about 70 cents yesterday. It was hot! Around 98 degrees, and the same is forecast for today.

I sit behind the computer with a fan blowing. We only use the air con in our bedroom at night.  If we ran the air con all day it would be too expensive. At the end of May this will be the first full month we have used it. Keep it around 72.  The rainy season is supposed to start in less than two weeks. Will cool things off a bit.  

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