I Embarass The Sainted Patient Wife at SM City Supermarket, or What Else is New?

The New Site Market, San Miguel, Guimaras
The Sainted Patient Wife is called that for a reason. Making one of our excursions into Iloilo City today to buy some groceries and to get away from “The Compound”, our home in Guimaras province,  for awhile. We head out to our favorite shopping spot in Iloilo, SM City. Our last stop is the SM City Supermarket. After harassing a merchandiser handing out samples of some instant noodle soup crap, I asked her if she had a microphone. She said “Yes, sir.” I said “You don’t need it.” SPW just rolls her eyes and pushes the cart  out of the area. You think after ten years of marriage The Sainted One would be used to my little stunts like this. But you could hear that girl from any corner of the store! Shoot! I bet my poor, almost deaf Mother-in-law, the Feared Giant Lizard Killer, could hear her back in Guimaras. The girl said she was only trying to promote her product. I lied and
told her I was only teasing.
This whole thing started when I was talking to the cute, quiet  Filipina across from the loud Filipina and said to the cute one that the loud Filipina should be more like her, quietly selling her product, “Swish” mouthwash. She laughed and immediately walked over to the girl with the big voice. The soup dispenser Filipina looked over at me. Sometimes you don’t have to know someone’s language to understand what they are saying. A look says it all. That’s when I walked over to her and made the microphone remark and that was the same time SPW came up with her cart. I think she must have had her “Cute Filipina Radar” on somehow sensing  I was talking to a cute Filipina, the “Swish” girl. That radar works overtime here.
It all turned out good, though. SPW talked to the attractive “Swish” girl and bought some mouthwash from her which entitled her to a kilo of frozen french fries. Yeah,  buy some mouthwash and get a bag of french fries to go with it. Isn’t this a great country!  Guess what Bonehead had french fries with a grilled BBQ pork chop for dinner tonight? I might be dumb, but I’m not stupid! 

(The photo above is a Sunday morning scene at the New Site Market in San Miguel, Guimaras province, in the Philippines. Just click on the word photo to be directed to a larger view of this picture.)

29 thoughts on “I Embarass The Sainted Patient Wife at SM City Supermarket, or What Else is New?

  1. Hello Dave! That's actually a funny anecdote of what happened inside the supermarket. There are also product sampler representative, or whatever you would want to call her, here in Manila but they don't shout like that lol
    Anyway good thing your wifey didn't caught you talking with the pretty girl ; ) xoxo

  2. Hey Dave! Did you watch the Superbowl? "Cute Filipina Radar". That's a good one. Please tell me, whyowhy, doe's the grocery store, lead with the Purina Ad? That is still for, dog food, over there, right?


  3. Hi Dave,
    Yes those sales girls……
    If you work in a mall, surrounded by that much noise and different kinds of music, all at the same time, and all very loud, they must get deaf or almost deaf. They can't hear themselves anymore. That's why they need a microphone. LOL

    Other girls have to ring a bell whole day to promote their ice cream of other delicacies.

    All those different sounds make me hate going to malls, but it is part of this culture. And we have to adjust to it, or not ?

  4. Sometimes we may be annoyed and feel uncomfortable by the people's custom in other places, but as a newcomer, it's our task to adapt to this new surrounding. So, hope you get better luck next time 🙂

  5. Hi MrsMartinez, You are lucky the sampler reps don't shout in Manila. Just about every time I go to this SM Supermarket there is a loud sampler rep heard all over the store. Sometimes I try to block them out, but it's hard.

    Ha ha, no she didn't catch me this time. The Filipinas here are so friendly and some are not too shy to talk to a kano like me. Thanks for the comment on the new layout and for your input on the earlier one. I agree, I think the previous one looked too crowded.

  6. Hi Don! No, I didn't watch the Super Bowl, and I didn't even know who was playing until yesterday. I'm kind out of touch with what's going on back in the States being on the edge of a jungle and all.

    The Purina ad store is a feed store. This is a rural community so the feed store is a good fit here. Thanks for the comment, Don!

  7. Hi Jan! I bet they do go deaf, as you said, the noise in the mall gets extremely loud. And you're right, the poor ice cream vendors have to ring those bells all day long. I'm more used to it the longer I am here, like you say, it is part of the culture, and I have to adapt. Thanks for the comment, Jan!

  8. Hi 2012 Predictions, Yes, I am trying to adjust. It's kind of funny sometimes as I go through the adjustment period, but I'll make it. Thanks for the comment!

  9. Its very annoying when they do that..My MIL is going with me to the philippines this july and I hope she wont have culture shock,lol… How long did it take you to adjust to everyting or are you still adjusting until now?lol

  10. expect now that all sampler lady will shout with their microphone so they will be heard even outside the grocery LOL.. It's annoying tho, when there is sales, there are many of them lol who are so noisy promoting their products, some are dancing 🙂

    And U know David I was in Sm grocery too that time, i was there 10.30 am.

  11. Hehehe I never thought you can be that wicked,Dave. And your "cute Filipina radar" seems to work sharper everyday…and so is SPW's radar, hahaha!

  12. keep up the blogging. i love the stories and photos. so envious of you having fresh fruit and vegetables at your disposal… is all the produce grown there or shipped in?

    have a great day.

  13. Dave, you must read Christopher Moore's book "A Dirty Job" or any of his books for that matter. Your posts, and the characters in your life are right out of his books. Hilarious stuff. Especially the lizard killer MIL.

  14. Hi Life, Marriage, and Kids! I'm still adjusting, been here six months. I've heard some of the guys here saying it takes two years to adjust. I can believe it. Things are getting better every day, though, just stay away from the food sampler reps. Thanks for your comment!

  15. Hi Silvergirl! How funny! We just missed each other by a couple of hours. SPW and I were eating at KFC around 10:30 and didn't get to the Supermarket until later. If you ever see a beared bonehead kano in there, just stop him, it's probably me! Thanks for the visit and the comment.

  16. Hi Mom Says! Yes, Rochelle my "Cute Filipina Radar" is improving, but like you say, SPW's radar is stepping up her radar, plus, she has that bolo at home! Thanks for the visit and your comments, Rochelle.

  17. Hi Jeff, so good to hear from you. Oh, no, all the produce is grown here and is fresh along with all the fish and most of the meat. The province that we live on, Guimaras, famous for its mangoes, is a rural province. You can really taste the difference with the fresh food.

    Take care, Jeff, and thanks for checking out the blog.

  18. Hi Jen, I'll have to check out Christopher Moore's books, sounds like something I would like.

    Thank you so much for your comments, you have such a funny blog, and I really appreciate your taking time to visit and make a comment.

  19. Hi, Lance the Canadian! Hang on, Buddy. I made my first solo trip to Iloilo yesterday, and I will have that photo for you. Hang on just a little longer.

  20. Hi Vernz! Wow! I like that name! 'Anna Dispatsadora'Funny! I'll have more info on her tomorrow. I'll use that name, Vernz, and of course credit you. Thanks for the visit!

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