Nephew Sharwin Attacked at Santa Teresa H.S. on Guimaras Island

Our 14-year-old nephew, Sharwin, was attacked at Santa Teresa H.S. on Guimaras Island the second last week of the school year. Our nephew, who along with his 16-year-old sister Shaina,  lives with us while their mother works as a domestic helper in Kuwait, was playing a ball game on the school grounds while he waited for his sister to finish her last class of the day.   His mugger was a... read more

Manggahan Festival 2014 Begins in April

The Manggahan Festival 2014, my favorite annual activity in Guimaras, begins in April. The festival started in 1993 and is a celebration of the island-province’s distinction as a producer of top quality mangoes considered the best tasting in the world. The mango festival is slated to officially to run in San Miguel, Jordan, the capital, from April 20-27. This year’s festivities will kick off... read more

Motorcycle Gang Invades The Farm”: Conclusion

I wasn’t happy. We were encountering a motorcycle gang invasion at “The Farm” in Guimaras, our home province. Our fortress of solitude had been shattered one morning by motorcyclists who had discovered a path through our sequestered enclave in order to avoid detection by nearby Land Transportation Office officers who were conducting a checkpoint nearby.   To add to my displeasure,... read more

Motorcycle Gang Invades “The Farm” in Guimaras

It was a typically quiet Tuesday morning at “The Farm,” located in Guimaras, a Western Visayas province in the Philippines celebrated for its sweet mangoes. A view from "The Farm"   It was around 10 am. Lolo was sitting on his usual porch perch, a grey plastic chair, and I was down in the basement working on some new posts for this website, “Philippines Plus.” I... read more

Jeepney Selfies in Iloilo: When Boredom Reigns

Selfies. I just heard about this narcissistic term a few months ago. I still don’t get it. Now I noticed on my wife’s Facebook that one of her friends back in Illinois was posting a “felfie.” It showed my asawa’s amigo posing with an animal. Now I was a bit concerned since I know that new laws in the United States are now stretching the boundaries of traditional marriage. Was... read more

The Bully of Guimaras Island

Our nephew Jorreale, shown in the next photo, is a 7-year-old elementary student on Guimaras Island, our home province. He’s a typical boy, loves to make a lot of noise, get dirty and run around and play games with his buddies. Jorreal and his younger sister, JalAmiel, shown in the picture above,  recently got into some trouble when they threw sand into their Papa’s Sari Sari Store and... read more

Is SM Coming to Guimaras Island?

Is SM, Shoe Mart, the department store, that is, coming to Guimaras Island? (Whatever  other type of SM might be present on the island province is something I stay blissfully ignorant of; imagine my surprise when I first saw the initials “SM” plastered on the exterior of a huge building during my first visit to the Philippines.)   Ever since I retired to the Philippines almost five... read more

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